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Owner finance buyers have been ignored for many years. For the most part, they are hard working Americans that pay their taxes, have income, and are responsible enough to set money aside for a downpayment. But they don’t have access to bank loans because they may not fully understand how credit works, are self employed, or don’t have a social security number.  

We believe that if you saved up between 16% and 21% and have income, you deserve a home.

The problem? Most owner finance buyers have to settle and deal with the following situations:

  • Limited inventory – usually only a few homes are available in the entire city at a time,
  • Inexperienced sellers that out of fear or greed can’t, don’t, or won’t structure fair agreements for the owner finance buyer,
  • Very high downpayments of 30% or more that make it hard for the owner finance buyer to actually buy,
  • High interest rates that put the home payment out of their reach, 
  • Balloon payments that forces them to refinance in a few years,
  • Prepayment penalties that ads costs once they finally do refinance,
  • Incorrect, outdated, or sometimes illegal paperwork that makes it challenging to take full advantage of home ownership or deduct their interest payments on their taxes. 
  • Double negotiations – first they negotiate the price, then they have to negotiate the terms. This can be very frustrating;
  • Lack of available real estate agents – because the owner finance buyer is largely misunderstood, many real estate agents refuse to work with them. This can leave owner finance buyers feeling alone and abandoned;
  • In other words, the traditional model sucks for the buyers!

Our solution? We provide a FAIR platform where an owner finance buyer can be treated with respect and fairness. 

Once approved as an Owner Finance Buyer (AOFB), we allow you to pick from thousands of homes for sale on any number of websites including and the MLS. Once you pick just the right home, we submit an offer to purchase it and usually close within 28 days or less. Once closed, we turn around and sell you the home at terms you already approved and are happy with. These are some of the reasons industry experts consider our terms very fair:

  • No balloons – adds peace of mind we will never force you to refinance,
  • No prepayment penalties – means you won’t have to worry about additional costs if and when you do decide to refinance; simply pay the Unpaid Principal Balance (UBP).
  • No PMI – saving your thousand every year,
  • 30 year mortgages – industry standard mortgages,
  • Fixed and variable rates available – powerful options to meet your needs and goals,
  • Low downpayment options – keep more money when to close,
  • Taxes and insurance escrowed – no need to save up money for these expenses every year,
  • Title insurance is obtained – for your peace of mind,
  • Warranty Deed in the name of the buyer given – know that YOU and ONLY YOU are the true legal owner of the home,
  • “Common sense underwriting” – flexibility to understand your individual situation.

Who benefits most? Anybody who prefers owner financing may apply. Three groups of people benefit most. Those are:

  • Self Employed individuals – business owner and contractors,
  • Those with bad credit – but who a history of on time payments, good income, and money for set aside for downpayment
  • Those with ITIN’s – without a US social security number

If you need owner financing, we hope you see the advantages of partnering with us!

Click below and share some basic info. THEN you will access our online calendar to schedule the call at a time convenient to you.