Partnering with us can be the best decision you could make. It allows you to help more BUYERS and SELLERS. Read below how.


Many buyers are well qualified and you can connect them with a mortgage broker that can help them get a bank loan. 

Many are not and need owner financing.


Self employed individuals, those with no social security numbers, and those with bad credit, need special attention. We exist for them!


With our Flagship Program, we can approve them as owner finance buyers with min 16% – 20% TOTAL CASH TO CLOSE and ability to make payments. Once approved, you help them find exactly the home that suits their likes and desires. Once located, submit an offer and close in 28 days or less.


Example: If a buyers wants a $200K home, they would need $32K – $40K total cash to close and ability to make payments. That’s it. This covers everything! Eazy Peazy! Nice and easy!


As an AGENT, you get paid whether you wish to stay in the transaction or not. If you continue helping the buyer through closing, you get paid full commission. If you prefer to simply refer the buyer and let us take it from there, you still receive 1% of purchase price once closed. We’d love for you to stay in the transaction, but we recognize that non-traditional buyers may not be something you are familiar with. You may also have other obligations that need require your focus. 


Have a potential owner finance buyer you’d like to refer? Click below now!



Being a realtor is tough. How do you stand out from the competition? Use our platform to market your seller’s homes to owner finance buyers. 


I’m sure most seller’s will interview more than one real estate agent. Most will give the same or similar pitch: “I will sell your home for more” or “I will sell it quicker” or “I will market it to more people”. I’m sure your pitch is similar, but here is a seed you can now plant in the seller’s mind: “Mr/Miss. Seller, when you interview other agents, ask them “what will you do to market my home to owner finance buyers and cash me out?” I promise you, they will not have an answer. List with me and we will be able to market to FHA buyers, VA buyers, Conventional buyers, Investor buyers, and Owner Finance buyers. You have the MOST choices with me! Sign here…. ” 


We hope you see the value in partnering with us to market your seller’s homes to owner finance buyers.